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Fab Red Probiotics Kombucha by Heal! - 370ml
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*PRODUK PERISHABLE, MOHON GUNAKAN KURIR INSTANT* Fab Red owes its most gorgeous color to the famously healthy hibiscus tea. It is an isotonic probiotic blend of water kefir and kombucha, giving you more varieties of probiotic strains for a healthier you. The benefits of hibiscus include relief from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive, immune system, and inflammatory problems. It protects liver and helps manage bodyweight. Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C, minerals and various antioxidants. In Indonesia we consume tukmeria seeds for the taste, fiber contents, ability to cool down body fast, constipation relief, blood sugar regulation, and weight management. Ingredients: Mineral Water, Kombucha Cultures, Water Kefir Cultures, Hibiscus Tea, Tukmeria Seeds, Mint Leaves, Jawa Oolong Tea, Natural Cane Sugar Calorie 50, Sugar 4 grams per 175 ml before second fermentation, by which process reduces calorie and sugar content further and create fizz.

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