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Beras Kencur Probiotics Kombucha by Heal! - 370ml
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*PRODUK PERISHABLE, MOHON GUNAKAN KURIR INSTANT* Beras Kencur is one of the most widely-known jamu, an Indonesian healing tradition concoction made from barks, roots, and spices. Beras Kencur is traditionally used to cure common cold, fatigue, and digestion problems. Rooted in ayurvedic medicine, this is exactly what our ancestors reach for to cure ailments. Our drink blends the power of Beras Kencur jamu with mighty live probiotics from kombucha (fermented tea), multiplying the benefits by combining prebiotic nature from jamu with live probiotic benefits from kombucha. Lower sugar and calorie than traditional Beras Kencur, why take probiotic pills when you can have a delicious enjoyable drink? Ingredients: Mineral Water, Kombucha Cultures, Java Oolong Tea, Natural Cane Sugar, Beras Kencur Concentrates (Kaempferia Galanga, Ginger, Turmeric, Tamarind, Coconut Sugar, Pandan Leaves, Spices) Calorie 45, Sugar 5 grams per 175 ml before second fermentation, by which process reduces calorie and sugar content further and create fizz.

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