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Tru Blue Kombucha by Heal! - 370ml
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*PRODUK PERISHABLE, MOHON GUNAKAN KURIR INSTANT* Tru Blue owes its name and gorgeous natural striking color to amazing blue spirulina. Nature rarely produces blue color. The blue color in blue spirulina comes from the presence of phycocyanin, a phycobiliprotein that carries antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuro-protective effects with its vibrant pigment. Blue spirulina is a highly-prized blue green alga that contains lots of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It has been used for centuries as a food source by ancient people across the globe. More recently, The World Health Organization (WHO) supported the use of algae to treat malnutrition and NASA likes blue spirulina for its tidy nutritional density—just one gram of this alga has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 grams of fruits and veggies. Tru Blue is an isotonic probiotic blend of water kefir and kombucha, giving you more varieties of probiotic strains for a healthier you. It is a perfect recovery drink from ailments and exertions. Superfood it is! Ingredients: Mineral Water, Kombucha Cultures, Water Kefir Cultures, Javanese Oolong Tea, Natural Cane Sugar, Blue Spirulina Calorie 35, Sugar 3 grams per 175 ml before second fermentation, by which process reduces calorie and sugar content further and create fizz.
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