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Strawberry & Banana Jam by L'Amour Preserves
Rp 42,000 - Rp 54,000
Beli minimum 150000, Gratis Ongkir
Beli minimum 250000, Gratis Ongkir
Creamy jam and classic taste sensations are present in L'amour strawberry & banana, natural and organic bananas that are fermented for hours to produce a distinctive taste of the banana and a delicious strawberry mixture. All the ingredients L'amour use come from local and organic farmers, with 60% fruit and 40% selected spices and natural sugar and lemon juice as natural preservatives and preserving the color of the fruit, the delicious taste that is obtained is also due to using the recipe down passed down from generation to generation, namely recipes from France. L'amour strawberry & banana is low in calories, sweetness is right, and safe to consume every day because it is preservative-free, and its nutrients and properties are maintained because they come from the best and natural choice ingredients and are carefully processed so as to produce a delicious, delicious and nutritious jam. Weight : 140g / 280g
Berat: 290 - 430g
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Size :
Rp 42,000
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Rp 54,000
(Daftar Tunggu)